Blue Flower

Considering what goes into one's own story

Most people grow up with a diary. Even as a child one can understand how important memories are and how easily they're lost. But it's equally easy to grow out of the habit. People often forget that it requires some level of dedication. Often times one simply gets pulled into the moment. And those instances are inherently difficult to record. There is a way around the problem though. And that's to incorporate the right feeling into the process. Detailing one's day needs to itself convey a certain emotion. It should be something that sets one out on the right foot. And it should be able to help one reflect on the decisions in life. This might sound like a rather difficult proposition. But in fact, adding that tone to one's writing can be surprisingly easy. It usually just comes down to picking the right diary. People tend to forget that there's more to the process than simply writing an event down. The medium used to record a day is itself part of that experience. And picking the right diary to write in can help shape the overall experience.

Matching diary to mood

The real secret to keeping a diary is to find one that evokes a specific feeling. For most people, a cute diary is the best choice. It's something that instantly makes people happier when they sit down in front of it. And that happiness in turn is enough to help frame the experiences of the day. Because in the end, that's part of why keeping a diary is important. It's a process by which people layout their experiences. And in doing so they have a chance to reflect on what went right and what went wrong. But looking at it always involves some subjectivity. Coming in blind one will essentially still be in the midst of those experiences. But a cute diary removes one from those experiences. It makes one take a step back, which provides a different view of things. And it's a viewpoint based on the feelings evoked by the diary itself. By having a cute diary one essentially frames experiences and expectations by those happy designs.